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Gee-Whiz! I Sure Do Like Puddin'!

Really? What Kind?

FOP Juanson
hchello, my lovely bitchzz, and welcome to my LJ page.
my bland, unexciting LJ page.

I don't list my interests 'coz they're changing all the time, and I can't be fucked to change them everytime I like something new.

my name could be Sophie, Zoffie, Zsoffi, Elton John, or Spray Kruger - it just depends on what I feel like calling myself on that particular day.

the type of music I've seemed to like for a while now is like.. indie/alt.. or something.

such_a_teaser is my freakin' Latin Lover. check 'er out. she's awesome.

zis is all. c:
add me on MSN/MySpace/Facebook/Twitter or whatever.
on Facebook: www.facebook.com/spraykruger
Twitter: http://twitter.com/DERPsophie

I'm also skagfuck because LJ is a dick and won't let me see the 18+ entries, even though I'm apparently a verified 18+ user or whatever.